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Care: Hand or machine was outer cover only. Do not wash flax-filled insert. Hang or machine dry. Keep insert dry.
Ways to use it: For headaches and migraines, place over the eyes and/or forehead to relieve tension; place over eyes during savasana; place over the eyes before bed or naptime to block out light; place over the neck during side lying pose to stimulate the vagus nerve and activate the parasympathetic nervous system; place cold or hot over tense neck and shoulder muscles or any area where you might experience muscle tightness. Chill in the fridge for at least 10 minutes for a soothing effect. Heat in the microwave in 10 second increments.



Care: Spot clean only. Keep mostly dry.
Ways to use it: Place over hands during savasana or any reclines posture for a comforting grounding effect; place over feet during any variation of baddha konasana (if you’re looking for more weight, add another 5lb sandbag or use a 10lb bag); place over belly during opening/closing savasana to connect deeper to the breath.

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Care for sandbags with removable cover: Hand or machine was outer cover only.  Hang or machine dry. Do not wash sand-filled insert. Keep insert dry.
Care for sandbags with sewn-in insert: Spot clean only. Keep mostly dry.
Ways to use it: Place over feet during any variation of baddha konasana; place over belly during opening/closing savasana to connect deeper to the breath (if you enjoy this sensation but prefer a lighter weight, use a 5lb bag); place on the lower back during balasana and frog pose; during reclined twist, place over the top leg or opposite shoulder (or both if you have 2 bags) to allow you soften into the pose; place on the soles of feet during legs up the wall.


Buckwheat Hull Meditation Cushion or Bolster

Care: Open bolster/cushion and carefully place al l buckwheat hulls into a bag (a cloth bag works best, such as a resuable shopping bag or pillowcase ). Hand or machine wash outer cover. Hang dry only. Why? Heating buckwheat hulls (either in the microwave or in dryer) may cause fire, and there may be some hulls left behind when emptying the bolster/cushion cover.
Ways to use it: Use as a regular seat cushion at home or in your car; use as support either across the back or along the spine for gentle back bends or chest-opening poses; use under the head/neck for support during savasana, or any non-twisting reclined yoga pose; use under the knees for support in poses such as table top; use for meditation or stack two cushions for extra height; use as gentle support in supported bridge pose